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Polyurethanex 2018 10th International Exhibition

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Composite-Expo Exhibition archive 2008 - 2016



Number of Exhibitors



2016 Composite-Expo - 2016 123 4100 sq.m.

19 countries:  Austria, Belgium, Belarus Republic, Czech Republic, France, Finland, Germany, Italy, Japan, Lithuania, Luxemburg, Macedonia, Netherlands, the People’s Republic of China, Poland, Russia, Spain, Sweden and United Kingdom

2015 Composite-Expo - 2015 126 3900 sq.m.

19 countries:  Austria, Belarus Republic, Czech Republic, France, Finland, Germany, Hungary, Italy, Japan, Latvia, Luxemburg, Macedonia, Netherlands, People's Republic of China, Poland, Russia, Sweden, Turkey and  United Kingdom

2014 Composite-Expo - 2014 130 3600 sq.m.

16 countries:  Austria, Belarus Republic, Czech Republic, France, Germany, Italy, Latvia, Luxemburg, Macedonia, Netherlands, People's Republic of China, Poland, Russia, Spain, Turkey, Ukraine, United Kingdom and USA

2013 Composite-Expo - 2013 116 2800 sq.m.

16 countries:  Austria, United Kingdom, Germany, Italy, People's Republic of China, Macedonia, Netherlands, Belarus Republic, Russia, USA, Turkey, Ukraine, France, Czech Republic, Finland and Thailand

2012 Composite-Expo - 2012 72 2000 sq.m.

18 countries:  Russia, Belarus Republic, Ukraine, Lithuania, USA, Austria, France, Germany, Italy, Hungary, Macedonia, United Kingdom, Luxemburg, China, Turkey, Finland, Netherlands, Brazil

2011 Composite-Expo - 2011 54 1400 sq.m.

14 countries:  Russia, USA, Germany, France, United Kingdom, Belgium, Italy, Turkey, Hungary, Luxemburg, Macedonia, China, Ukraine, Byelorussia

2010 Composite-Expo - 2010 40 700 sq.m.

9 countries:  Russia, USA, China, Germany, Macedonia, Turkey, Hungary, Byelorussia, Ukraine

2009 Composite-Expo - 2009 50 700 sq.m.

12 countries:  Russia, USA, China, Italy, France, Germany, Macedonia, Finland, Turkey, Hungary, Belarus, Ukraine

2008 Composite-Expo - 2008 24 400 sq.m.

6 countries:  Russia, Luxemburg, Turkey, Byelorussia, Macedonia, France

Booking a booth

plan compo eng lTo book a stand at the 11th Composite-Expo 2018 Exhibition please use the online-form.

If your company wants to get one of the best booths, it is possible to book it right now!

In 2018 Exhibition will pass from February 27 till March 01 in Pavilion 1 of Expocentre Fairgrounds, Moscow, Russia.


Participation in the business program

11th International Practical-Research Conference "Modern State and Prospects of Development of Production and Use of Composite Materials in Russia" - it`s the chance to present your company to professional audience. This is the workshop for the exhibitors to do presentations about their new products, materials & technologies.

Date: February 27, 2018

Venue: Conference hall, Pavilion 1, Expocentre Fairgrounds, Moscow, Russia


Free Invitation

Use the online registration form and get your free invitation to the 11th Composite-Expo 2018 Exhibition.

Free entrance availible during February 27 - March 01.

The invitation is valid for the 10th Polyurethanex Exhibition as well.